Lacy Welch letter to Mom

The letter, below, received from Clark’s wife, Lacy, was the ONLY thing to give the Durhams comfort during the 14 days or so we waited for the body bag to reach Tifton where the funeral director....our dear friend, Bruce Donaldson, Sr., personally reported the dreaded confirmation.

I spent the next 33 years trying to find Clark.  What began with a simple “remembrance” by Tom “Doc” Hinger on the led me to BG Shelton and Clark’s whereabouts.

Our initial contact was by email via satellite phone to him in his Humvee alone in the field in Kuwait.  Having felt responsible for far too long for the losses on 10/17, It still took him days to decide to respond.  A meeting with the Durhams and Pinky’s old buddy, Charlie Coxwell and his wife, at Ft. Drum for the dedication of the 15th’s headquarters “broke the ice”.  Today, finally, the reassurance by all who love him has allowed this incredible patriot and hero to be accessible to all of us.  Welcome back, Col. Welch.