The BroAdmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, played an important role.  It was the first real job Pinky had after leaving Tifton to go be with our father ....back to his beloved Rocky Mountains.  Whether it was as a waiter or a bus boy’s job it was a serious occupation at this world class institution...and, as you will see, Pinky took it that way.


This grand property was also important to Marilyn and me.  It was here on Christmas night at a party to which Pinky brought his dad and brother that I, as a private in basic training at Ft. Carson, danced with the most incredible lady I’d ever met.  Marilyn was skating for the BroAdmoor Figure Skating Club.  Four weeks later we married.  Pinky was my BEST MAN. 

As I’ve looked at this picture over the years I am so delighted with my bride and so honored by the loving look from my brother....(Oh the pranks he pulled on us that night...that little rascal...)..jd

The idea of needing to qualify for OCS was not even a flicker of a thought when this incident occurred but when the time came to apply, it required some extra effort to get the appointment.

The story he told me was that not only was the other waiter not sharing tips, he wasn’t pulling his load either.  The “argument” was in a linen closet and ...I wonder how that guy got his nose hurt?..jd

Revisiting with Clark Welch...

46 years later.. (nice camera work, Col...)