Viet Nam

There were two tours in View Nam.  The first as an enlisted soldier stationed at Vung Tau working on rotary aircraft.  There was time to also to be part of the local community.  Pinky, who had more than a little trouble with English grades volunteered to teach at a village school.  He also managed to become romantically involved with a beautiful girl whose father was well respected.  Christine had left her home and was in school at St. Cathren’s in St. Paul, MN when Pinky was killed.  Shortly afterwards, she visited us in Indianapolis (Marilyn’s home town) where we were living at the time..... Johnny

One of the more entertaining keepsakes about this re-enlistment is a recording that, while difficult to hear very well, tells the excitement of getting a bonus and a pay raise as he was preparing to head for Ft. Sill, his OCS class and a military career that he knew he was prepared for.