MARSI Systems

How we learned to PIONEER

Mid-America Restaurant Specialties, Inc., “MARSI Systems”, got its start in Chicago in 1974 as Microwave Food Systems a “Specialty” distributor representing Commercial Litton ovens, Smokaroma/Instant Burger, and introducing some advanced cook & hold technology. These approaches to food service, like most of the other innovative technologies we’ve seen over the years were controversial at the time. To be used effectively, they required some serious hands on training and follow up to give the customer success and us the credibility we needed to move forward. Particularly when the first commercial Litton ovens were introduced to food service in 1965, the effort to gain acceptance was a challenge. (of course, few learned and today, most, incorrectly just “nuke” stuff) When we incorporated in Texas (1982) it was apparent that focusing on “specialty” equipment and concepts must simply be in our “DNA”. Over the years, we have been early in helping pioneer, cook N hold ovens, quick chillers, Combi ovens, pizza and fried chicken concepts. In today’s “world”, trying to be all things to all people with so many choices and “deals”, often from quick sources caring little about customer success, we see our roll differently. While we have access to Full Line food equipment and can accommodate customer needs, our business model will target: Value Added Services, training and follow-up is our niche.

Our Mission


Customers and Suppliers in Accurate Evaluation of a MARSI “System” and Help Them Achieve Profits in Food Service.


A Marketing Staff of Results Oriented, Food Service & Retail Professionals.


In Taking Every Opportunity to Continue Learning About Trends & Other Factors Influencing the Market Place.


Maintain a Level of Integrity That is Without Question.